2 thoughts on “Maths Jokes”

  1. I get this joke because the number 8 has a kind of belt shape in the middle were the circles join.Really funny!HAHAhahahHAhahAhAhAhHAhHahHAhHAhAhHAhHahHahAhHahhahahahHAhHAHAHAHHAHAHahAhHAHAHahHahHaHAHHahHhhHhazHhhahhhahhahHhhahhaHhaHahhahhahAhHahHAHAhHAhHahhhahahhhahhHAHhahHhaHahhahHhaHhahhahhahahHahhhahHaHhahahAhAhAhAHAhahahAHHAhAHahHahahhAhahhHAHAhhhahAhAhaHAHahahahahAHhhahahaha!

  2. Dear Miss Chain,
    At the start I got really confused but when I read Glen’s response I got it. LOL!!!!! .’ )
    from Ameli

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