Blog Guidlines

Blog Guidelines

This blog is a way for us to share our ideas and our learning with other people in our school, our community and around the world. It is very important that we understand how to use the blog and the internet in a secure way.

For us to have a purposeful and safe blog we must remember the following guidelines:

Only use your first name when blogging.
Anyone from around the world can see our blog through the Internet. It is important that you do not put your last name on the blog so strangers don’t know who you are.

Parents who use the blog should also only use their first names.
Parents should only use their first names so they don’t accidentally identify their child in the blog. (Please post comments as “Sarah, (John’s mum)” or “Danny, (Megan’s dad)” etc.)

NEVER give out any personal information.
You should never give out information like where you live, email addresses or phone numbers.

All comments on the blog are approved before being published.
All comments are screened before posting to make sure that there are no negative or inappropriate comments going onto the blog. If someone posts something that the teachers do not want others to see, we will not publish it to the blog.

Be friendly, helpful and polite.
Only post comments that are positive and friendly. Never post anything that could upset someone who reads it. Start your comments with Dear… and end with Regards, or From…

Remember to do your best writing.
Even though you are commenting on the Internet you still need to do your best writing. Remember to use capital letters and punctuation like full stops and commas. Don’t use text talk like m8, thanx or l8er and most of all check your writing before you post it. Remember everyone can read it so make it the best you can do!

Be aware of copyright.
Remember you can’t just use anything from the Internet and call it your own. Make sure you only use copyright free images, songs or text.

Have fun and share, share, share!!!
Enjoy reading our blog and making comments/posts. Don’t let the guidelines stop you from commenting!

CYBERSMART KIDS – Follow the link to find out how to be cybersmart and use the Internet safely

HECTORS WORLD – A series about Hector & his friends enjoying playing computer games and chatting online. Watching this will help you and your family to use the Internet safely.

INFINITE LEARNING LAB -The VDOE and the Profesor Garfield Foundation have teamed up to give us a new Internet Safety resource.  the Infinite Learning Lab site has Internet Safety information for parents, teachers and students.  check it out!

57 thoughts on “Blog Guidlines”

  1. Hi Miss Chain,
    I was going through the newsletter and I had noticed that in the special points of interest that the chess championships date was wrong.They wrote that the 28th was on Friday but it actually is on a Monday.
    From Sahana

  2. Me too Tyra!
    It is so fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnn!It’s like we are in class but communicating on technology devices and sometimes the teacher(Miss Chain) agrees.

  3. Dear Glen,
    Hope you are having a great time in Perth. I’m going there too.
    maybe you could post on the blog if you’re not doing anything or just have fun there.
    See Ya

  4. Dear Tyra,
    I had a spectacular time in Perth.
    20th September(Day 1):My family took an Uber Taxi to Dandenong station.I think we left the house at 10:55.We waited for the Dandenong airport bus to the airport.We reached there at 12:30 and we all put our bags on the conveyor belt except my Grandma’s,Grandpa’s and mine .There was this security check and the check for the bags were fine.We waited for the flight but I’m not sure what time the flight was.We went in the flight and I watched these movies:The Boss Baby and My Life As A Zucchini.There was really nice food and the best one was an ice-cream.The flight took 4 hours non-stop but I didn’t feel tired.At the end of the flight they gave chocolate and I loved the taste of it.When the flight land I gave a big hug to my uncle.I enjoyed it and looking forward to Day 2.

  5. Day 2:
    I woke up and did my morning routine.At 9:30 we went to this strawberry farm in Bullsbrook. At the time we reached there my uncle payed a box for $10. Everyone was going crazy and filling the box with a huge amount.There were strong winds and eventually it started to rain.My hands were full of strawberry juice so I washed them with the water we had ‘country style’.We came back and the car was full of dirt.My mum had brought lots of dirt on her side of the car and some was were my side was but I didn’t care.We had a good afternoon but didn’t go any place next but it all happened in Day 3.

    1. V good. We can explain it again when we are back.
      Glad to see you back too Glen.
      Happy Grand Final Weekend everyone. Go Tigers!!!!! 💛🖤💛🖤

  6. Dear Miss Chain,
    Happy World Teachers Day.
    I think it is because on TV it said World Teachers Day is on October 5 so if it is, Happy World Teachers Day!

  7. Dear Miss Chain,
    School is nearly over and I’m going to miss this year. You are such a great teacher and I will miss that too.

    1. Hi Tyra,
      I did the same thing yesterday and I also did it today too. Today it gave me 3 new christmas hats on the avatar part.
      From Sahana

  8. Dear Miss Chain,
    R you enjoying theLONG weekend? !! I am and I feel like it is going really slowly. See you at school : )
    From Ameli

  9. Dear Miss Chain,
    I am having a fabulous time on the blog. It is really FUN!! I have been learning lots.

    From Ameli

    Hope you have had a wonderful day today. Many happy returns of the day.
    Regards, Ameli

  11. hey miss chain,
    i really love your blog, your blog is fun and it also teaches us so many things. i love the math jokes.


  12. Dear Miss Chain,

    I think that the blog is a really great way for people around the whole world learn what we are doing in class and for the people in our class to learn. The blog is really fun because it has videos, games, jokes, parent and student reminders and many more!!!!!!


  13. Dear Miss Chain,
    I clicked on the red number 2 and it showed how many people are on the blog and what they are researching about. One person is looking at maths jokes and the other is researching science and I realised those 2 people were me and Shanaya!!!!!!

  14. Dear Miss Chain,
    On the globe thingy on your blog it says that there is going to be 521 people visiting your blog from August 1st to September 1st!!!!

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