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Spelling Week 1 + Week 2- WORD ROOTS IN ENGLISH

The letter in parentheses indicates whether the root word is Greek (G) or Latin (L)

-ast(er)-(G) star asteroid, astronomy, astronaut, asterisk
-audi- (L) hear audible, audience, auditory, auditorium
-auto- (G) self automatic, automate, autobiography, autograph
-bio- (G) life biography, biology, biodegradable, symbiotic
-chrono- (G) time chronic, synchronize, chronicle, chronology
-geo- (G) earth geography, geology, geometry, geopolitics
-graph- (G) write autograph, graphic, epigraph, demographic
-path- (G) feel empathy, pathetic, apathy, pathos, antipathy
-phon- (G) sound phonics, telephone, euphony, microphone
-photo- (G) light photograph, photon, photocopy, photogenic
-port- (L) carry export, portable, rapport, deport, important
-scrib-, -script- (L) write ascribe, script, describe, transcribe, proscribe
-sens-, -sent- (L) feel resent, sensitive, sentence, sentient
-tele- (G) far off telecast, telephone, telekinesis, telepathy
-terr- (L) earth terrain, territory, extraterrestrial, terrace
-vid-, -vis- (L) see visible, video, envisage, invisible, revision